A friend here recently asked where my dress was from that day and upon my reply she said to me ‘English people are obsessed with Zara’.  Well yeah!!

Zara is everything.  Every time I go there I always leave with multiple bags packed with goodies – their style’s are always so on trend and there are always new pieces coming in.  I have to say though … in the same way that the Zara’s in Spain are better than the ones in England – Zara’s in England are far better than the ones in US.  The selection here is a little more conservative than the styles in the European stores, mind you, with that being said let’s talk about this not so conservative coat!



There have been a lot of pink fluffy/furry coats this season but the hands down winner for me was this beauty in Zara.  As soon as I laid eyes on her (yes, her) I was in love…the perfect hue of pink with subtly blackened tips, and the softness!  Oh my the softness!  I knew she had to be mine and I cannot tell you how many people commented on her as soon I waited in line to pay.  The sales associate on the cash desk told me how she bought one too and we began planning a fur party to show off our new purchases.  I’m telling you, this coat can even make you friends to throw parties with.



I kept the styling with my new obsession laid back and simple with ripped denim jeans and a rolling stones tee.  I did however, add some glam with some silver block heel sandals which I thought complimented the pink fur perfectly.  I find that more casual outfits suit her more so she she can do all of the talking!