K Beauty has become huuuuuge in the U.K. And I’m seeing the same thing here in the US. (K Beauty is the umbrella term for Korean skincare products and routines – and the packaging is just the cutest).

I have been seeing a lot of people trying out ‘lip masks’ lately and as someone who is always on the lookout for a plumper pout I gave it a go.

The product is called ‘Golden Monkey Glamour Lip’ and is a simple 3 step process taking around 30 mins in total to volumise those lips!



Step 1 is basically exfoliating the lip to remove all the dry cells and expose the lovely soft skin cells below.  Inside the pack is a lip shaped soaked with a wet granulated exfoliator product.  After a good scrub with this you’re ready for step 2.



Step 2 is the important bit – the hydro gel lip mask that you leave on for 15 minutes.  The mask is also lip shaped but totally transparent and feels kind of slimy and wet – you want to make sure you touch it as little as possible and get it straight onto your mouth.  The mask moisturises your lips and the surrounding skin – you can feel a slight tingle which gives that satisfying feeling that it’s working!  It’s a slippery thing so remove any excess residue with a soft tissue.



Step 3 is the final part and an extra boost of softness in the form of a honey moisturiser.



My verdict? I definitely had plumper lips after using this product – a girlfriend commented on my lips right away!  The results only really lasted that night but they felt soft for a few days.  I think it would be unrealistic for anyone to expect long term results from this but I would definitely use it again before an event for a soft, plump pout. Mwah!

You can buy these on Amazon on the link below

Golden Monkey Lip Kit