Before coming to California I was well aware of it’s reputation as being home to the beautiful and healthy people…yoga and spin studios on every corner..juice bars and smoothie shops as far as the eye could see…

In London I regularly went to the gym yes, however I would say the copious amounts of post work espresso martinis and wine along with pub roasts and sausage rolls (YUM) meant I maybe just about broke even in terms of healthy lifestyle, which is actually probably being a tad generous.  Southern California is a different ballgame entirely in a strange kind of way as although there is a much better selection of healthy food this is definitely counteracted by the enormous portion sizes and even larger selection of artery clogging treats which I will share with you later down the line.  For now I am going to write about my 3 favorite healthy eating spots in Orange County.


1- Zinc Cafe


As with the other 2 restaurants on this post I discovered Zinc Cafe in Downtown LA when I was working in the Fashion District (no, it really isn’t as glamorous as it sounds – actually quite the opposite) and luckily for me there is now have one of each in the OC.  Zinc is a vegetarian cafe and a market place where you can buy fresh food daily to go and to dine there.  Both the LA and CDM OC locations (I have yet to visit the one in Laguna) have gorgeous outdoor seating areas and in my experience always busy (in a good way).  The food is always fresh and the drinks are delish…the coffee and matcha green tea lattes are wonderful and food wise in my opinion they have the best avocado toast I’ve had here so far, it includes chives, lemon zest and dish salad and more often than not I will add a poached egg, well why not?!



2- Urth Cafe


The beautiful thing about Urth Cafe is that it uses entirely organic ingredients in their food and drinks plus it the has a huge range of vegetarian dishes but also (as you can see by my photos) a few select fish and meat options.  Their breakfast dishes are my favorite…any of the egg dishes are winners, in particular the poached eggs with smoked salmon and capers, my other favorites include the eggplant pizza (thats aubergine to my fellow Brits out there) and the portobello mushroom pizza.  Urth’s drinks list is divine!  The Organic Green Tea Boba is my number one but for a treat I would definitely go for the Monkey Granita (espresso, matcha green tea and banana milkshake).



3-  Cafe Gratitude


Last but not least is organic vegan restaurant Cafe Gratitude, I love the decor of this place and it has great outdoor seating plus a huge open bar area.  They have my favorite drink (of the non-alcoholic variety) out of anywhere – it is a smoothie named ‘Cool’ and is made from coconut ice cream, fresh mint, coco nibs and green vitaminerals…it is insanely good and I adore the crunchy texture of the cocoa nibs!  I would also recommend the samosas (pictured below) which come in a really tasty sauce…yum 🙂